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Dirt Music Locations in esperance

Based on the Classic Australian Novel by Tim Winton, Dirt Music is a love letter to Western Australia. One of the key locations, and the one which is particularly close to our heart, is the picturesque, Esperance. We’ve rounded up 6 of the most famous locations around Esperance that were featured in the Dirt Music movie – so you can retrace the steps of these star-crossed lovers.

1. Wylie Bay

The sand dunes around Wylie Bay are otherworldly, unspoilt and cinematic, so it’s no wonder they made the cut as a back drop for the film. If you want to get to Wylie Bay, we’d recommend a 4WD as the beach can be soft and boggy. Alternatively, take a tour with Esperance Eco Discovery Tours.

Lu Fox (Garrett Hedlund) and Georgie Jutland (Kelly Macdonald) in DIRT MUSIC. Location: Wylie Bay Dunes

2. Hellfire Bay Road, Cape Le Grand

No movie filmed in Esperance would be complete without a shot of Frenchman’s Peak. You can see it in the background of these shots filmed on Hellfire Bay Road in Cape Le Grand National Park. If you’re heading to the national park to see the iconic Lucky Bay, be sure to add in a stop to climb Frenchman’s Peak for some epic views across the coastline and Archipelago.

Georgie Jutland (Kelly Macdonald) with Lu's dog in DIRT MUSIC. Location: Hellfire Bay Road, Cape Le Grand National Park

3. Bandy Creek

A popular spot to launch your boat or fish; it’s only right the actors launched their vessels from this spot! There is a small beach which is bounded by the western breakwater, a central and terminal groyne, so the water is usually calm.

Lu Fox (Garrett Hedlund) fishing off White Point. Location: The sea off Esperance

4. Gibson Soak Hotel

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted Aussie musician Julia Stone in the movie, and in this scene, the band play a gig at the Gibson Soak Hotel. This is a classic country pub, decked out under the 100-year-old Morton Bay Fig trees with a lovely garden out the back. Stop here for a lunch or dinner and channel your inner movie star.

The Fox's perform at the pub in White Point in DIRT MUSIC. Location: Gibson Soak Hotel

5. Twilight Beach

You can’t mistake that rock for anywhere else! Twilight Beach is one of Esperance’s most iconic beaches thanks to it’s unique rock just off the shore. It certainly made a beautiful backdrop for the movie’s star, Kelly MacDonald! Just a few kms from town, you can be transported to this picture perfect beach in just a few minutes.

Georgie Jutland (Kelly Macdonald) at the beach in White Point in DIRT MUSIC. Location: Twilight Beach, West Beach

6. Lover’s Cove

Just a little further along the Great Ocean Drive from Twilight, you’ll find Lover’s Cove. Could there be a more perfect location for such an epic love story? Bordered by steep granite slopes and vegetation, this beach is long, wide and epic.

Georgie Jetlund (Kelly Macdonald) at the beach in DIRT MUSIC. Location: Lover's Cove

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